We take you by the hand and guide you through some of the most memorable mini adventures Vourvourou has to offer. All tours are scheduled on specific days each week or upon a group request. Hope to see you soon!

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E-Bike Tour

  • Easy to paddle —electric motor supported— bikes gives you the opportunity to enjoy more in less effort
  • E-bikes providing 85Nm torque, maximum support 340% up to 25km/h even on steep mountain rides
  • Experienced certified MTB guide
  • Stopover with amazing view for photos and video shooting
  • € 60/person (minimum 2 persons)

Mountain Bike Tour

  • Different kind of routes according to level (2-4 hours)
  • Providing brand new KTM 29er mountain bikes, safety equipment
  • Snack and water
  • Experienced local guide
  • Stop-over with amazing view for photos and video shootings
  • € 30/person (minimum 3 persons)

Catamaran Tour

  • Sail along the islands with stop-over at the Blue Lagoon
  • 2-3 hours duration with break for swimming
  • Including action camera & snorkeling kit
  • Experienced local skipper
  • € 100/tour (2 adults + 2 kids, or 3 adults max)

Kayak Tour

  • Half day (approx. 4 hours)
  • Tour route according to level of group
  • Stop-over at remote beach for snorkeling and swimming
  • Video & photo provided (action camera)
  • Snack & water included
  • Local experienced guide
  • € 30/person (minimum 3 persons)
Surfing instructors and their students

Surf Academy

If you have never surfed a wave before, here is the right place to do it. We take you in small groups to one of the close by beaches (according to the forecast) where you will find the perfect learning conditions. Sandy beaches, shallow clear waters and small waves will make it easy for you to do your first steps.

Through the course you will start with some warm up and training exercises on the beach, so you’ll be ready to master your first wave with the help of your teacher in the water. Nothing to be afraid of, cause it’s super safe and everybody can do it (from 5 up to 75 years old). Take your chance and come to explore some waves in one of Greece’s most beautiful corners… Let’s Surf around Vourvourou!

→ Courses available for groups of 2-6 persons.

Disabled person paddling on a board

Watersports for all

Disabled water sports programs provide accessible water sports and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Specially designed equipment makes scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, surfing, and kayaking possible for people with various levels of mobility and ability.Participation in water sports like kayaking and sailing builds confidence and self esteem, while it challenges the whole person.

We work to enable disabled people of all ages to participate in watersports. Participants may have physical, mental emotional or perception difficulties but all are encouraged to take part in water based activity. It is often the first time that they are able to feel free from a debilitating condition and to be involved in such a challenging activity.

Access to our station is granted by a big platform to transport the person from the drop-off point (car parking). Special safety equipment is provided.